WON papers accepted at OFC 2021

We are happy to announce that eight WON papers have been accepted for oral and poster presentations at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC ) 2021. The conference will be interactive, all-virtual format, 06 – 11 June 2021.

Timetable of WON talks at OFC 2021


Paper 1 (poster presentation)

Title: “Experimental assessment of an ultra-wide band (O to L) polymer thermo-optic switch matrix”
Authors block: Yu Wang; Netsanet Tessema; Hyun-Do Jung; Jang-Uk Shin; Nicola Calabretta

Paper 2 (oral presentation)

Title:“Single- vs. Multi-Band Optimized Power Control in C+L WDM 400G Line Systems”
Authors block: Emanuele Virgillito, Elliot London, Andrea D’Amico, Bruno Correia, Antonio Napoli, Vittorio Curri

Paper 3 (oral presentation)

Title: “GNPy experimental validation on flex-grid, flex-rate WDM optical transport scenarios”
Authors block: Andrea D’Amico, Elliot London, Bertrand Le Guyader, Florian Frank, Esther Le Rouzic, Erwan Pincemin, Nicolas Brochier, Vittorio Curri

Paper 4 (poster presentation)

Title: ‘Impact of Chromatic Dispersion in Discrete Raman Amplifiers on Coherent Transmission Systems
Authors block: Pratim Hazarika, Mahmood Abu-Romoh, Mingming Tan, Lukasz Krzczanowicz, Tu T. Nguyen, Md Asif Iqbal, Ian Phillips, Paul Harper, Ming-Jun Li and Wladek Forysiak

Paper 5 (oral presentation)

Title: “Performance Comparison of Translucent C-band and Transparent C+L-band Network”
Authors block: Rasoul Sadeghi, Bruno Correia, Emanuele Virgillito, Antonio Napoli, Nelson Costa, João Pedro, and Vittorio Curri

Paper 6 (oral presentation)

Title:”Optical Power Control Strategies for Optimized C+L+S-bands Network Performance”
Authors block:Bruno Correia, Rasoul Sadeghi, Emanuele Virgilito, Antonio Napoli, Nelson Costa, João Pedro, Vittorio Curri

Paper 7 (oral presentation)

Title: “Evaluation of an Autonomous Digital Pre-distortion Scheme for Optical Multiband Systems”
Authors block: Matheus R. Sena, Robert Emmerich, Behnam Shariati, Johannes Fischer and Ronald Freund

Paper 8 (oral presentation)

Title:“4-channel E-band data transmission over 160 km of SMF-28 using a bismuth-doped fibre amplifier”
Authors block: Aleksandr Donodin; Vladislav Dvoyrin; Egor Manuylovich; Ian Phillips; Wladek Forysiak; Mikhail Melkumov; Valery Mashinsky ; Sergei K Turitsyn

See detailed technical programme here.


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