WON Main Network-Wide Training Events

The following network-wide training events are planned in WON:

WON Workshops

  • Introduction Workshop (Nov 2019, Infinera), Read more 
  • 1st year WON Workshop (26 February 2020, Aston), Read more
  • 2nd year WON Workshop (23 April 2021, DTU, Online), Read more
  • 3rd year WON Workshop (9 February 2022, HHI, Onlne), Read more 
  • Final Workshop ( June 2022, PoliTO)

Transferrable Skills Workshops (TSW)

Intensive Training Course and Mini-Symposium

  • Intensive Training Course:
    “Design and modelling of optical communication systems and photonic components” –  organised by VPIphotonics, Fraunhofer HHI, Orange
    Read more 
  • WON Mini-symposium:
    “Current and future trends for optical communication systems” –  organissed by DTU
    Read more