WON Main Network-Wide Training Events

The following network-wide training events are planned in WON:

WON Workshops

Open-to-All Workshops (OTAW)

  • OTAW1 – Machine learning applied to optical communication (2020, DTU)
  • OTAW2 – Modelling of photonic components and system (Fraunhofer HHI)

Intensive Training Course and Mini-Symposium

  • WON Mini-symposium:
    Numerical implementation of Bayesian filtering for signal equalization and demodulation – 2021 in DTU

Online courses and webinars

  • Webinar on test & measurement solutions for coherent systems
  • Online training course on silicon photonics
  • Online training course on digital pre-distortion techniques for modern optical transponders
  • Online training course on optimal design of wideband optical systems
  • Online training course on Network planning
  • Online training course on Wideband Optical Switches