Deliverables (Public)

Public Deliverables approved by the European Commission.

WON Public Deliverables

Work Package 1

Work Package 2

  • D2.1 Digital pre-compensation techniques opto / electronic devices
  • D2.2 The generalized Gaussian noise model (GGN) for the entire single mode spectrum
  • D2.3 Digital signal processing for wideband optical systems
  • D2.4 Nonlinear impairment monitoring techniques and algorithms
  • D2.5 Experimental validation DSP techniques for wideband band optical systems

Work Package 3

  • D3.1 Design of wideband add/drop switching node architecture
  • D3.2 Design of Raman and Bi-doped amplifier
  • D3.3 Implementation and characterisation of the Raman and Bi-doped designs
  • D3.4 Evaluation and optimisation of the wideband amplifiers in coherent transmission systems
  • D3.5 Evaluation results of wideband WSS and multicast mux/de-mux

Work Package 4

Work Package 5

  • D5.2 Network wide training workshops held
  • D5.4 Graduation of all ESRs with PhDs

Work Package 6

  • D6.3 ESRs papers in journals and conferences