Conferences Talks

Conference Talks and Presentations made by the WON team.

  • 11
    July 2019

    21st International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks

    Location: Angers, France

    Professor Vittorio Curri (PoliTO): "Upgrade capacity scenarios enabled by multi-band optical systems" (Invited)

  • 26
    August 2019

    Symposium, ‘Machine Learning in Photonics 2019"

    Location: Belgrade, Serbia

    Prof. Darko Zibar, DTU: "Machine learning in photonic communication systems"

  • 5
    November 2019

    BAND- vs spatial-division multiplexing for network capacity upgrade

    Location: Chengdu, China

    Professor Vittorio Curri (Politechnico di Torino) gave a talk at the Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) that was held on 205 November 2019

  • 15
    May 2020

    CLEO 2020

    Location: Online and Virtually

    ESR Gabriele Di Rosa presented a talk "Prediction of Performance Penalty due to Pump-Signal Overlap in Raman-amplified Systems"

  • 20
    May 2020


    Location: Online and Virtually

    ESR Rasoul Sadeghi Yamchi presented a talk "Network Performance Assessment with Uniform and Non-Uniform Nodes Distribution in C+L Upgrades vs. Fiber Doubling SDM Solutions"