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Micro-Transfer Printing for Heterogeneous Si Photonic Integrated Circuits

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Lossless SOA-based Multi-band OADM Nodes in Metro Networks

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Micro-transfer printing for heterogeneous Si photonic integrated circuits

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Performance evaluation of discrete Raman amplifiers in coherent transmission systems

Polarization-insensitive 40-channel 100-GHz spacing fold-back planar echelle grating Mux/Demux for photonic integrated wavelength-selective switches

Micro-transfer-printed narrow-linewidth III-V-on-Si double laser structure with a combined 110 nm tuning range

30-GBaud DP 16-QAM transmission in the E-band enabled by bismuth-doped fiber amplifiers

Ultrawideband Systems and Networks: Beyond C+L -Band

Advanced DSP-based Monitoring for Spatially resolved and Wavelength-dependent Amplifier Gain Estimation and Fault Location in C+L-band Systems

GNPy model of the physical layer for open and disaggregated optical networking [Invited]

Scalable and Disaggregated GGN Approximation Applied to a C+L+S Optical Network

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DSP-based Link Tomography for Amplifier Gain Estimation and Anomaly Detection in C+L-band Systems

Characterization, Monitoring, and Mitigation of the I/Q Imbalance in Standard C-Band Transceivers in Multi-band Systems

Impact of Wavelength-Dependent I/Q Imbalances of Standard C-Band Transceivers in Rate-Adaptive Multiband Systems

Comparison of Transceiver and C+L Band Upgrades: Network Traffic and Energy Assessment

C+L-band Network Upgrade: Capacity and Energy Analyses with Different Transceivers

Performance Comparison of Translucent C-band and Transparent C+L-band Network

Enhancing Lightpath QoT Computation With Machine Learning in Partially Disaggregated Optical Networks Publisher: IEEE Cite This PDF

Ultra-wide band (O to L) photonic integrated polymer cross-bar switch matrix

Enabling S-C-L-Band Systems with Standard C-Band Modulator and Coherent Receiver using Coherent System Identification and Nonlinear Predistortion

Intensity-only-measurement mode decomposition in few-mode fibers

RIN induced penalties in G.654.E and G.652.D based distributed Raman amplifiers for coherent transmission systems

Likelihood-based Selection Radius Directed Equalizer with Time-multiplexed Pilot Symbols for Probabilistically Shaped QAM

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