Summer Schools

The WON Consortium is co-organising different training events such as Open-To-All Workshops, Summer Schools in collaboration with other European Projects, Universities and Research Institutes beyond the framework of the project.

Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, 15-19 March 2021

The school brings together experts in emerging photonic technologies, machine learning techniques, and fundamental physics who will share with young researchers their knowledge and interdisciplinary approaches for understanding and designing complex photonic systems and their practical applications.  In the new era of artificial intelligence, algorithms and computational interfaces are broadly emerging as novel tools to do scientific research. The paradigms of machine learning also inspire interpretations and methodologies, in both theories and experiments. Nonlinear, quantum and bio-photonics, as well as optical communications, are surprisingly influenced by these new ideas.

The summer school is aimed to explore machine learning applications in the specific fields of nonlinear optics and photonics.

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Fraunhofer HHI, Berlin 6-10 September 2021.

The Summer School on AI for Optical Networks & Neuromorphic Photonics for AI Acceleration is organised by the Department of Photonic Networks and Systems in Fraunhofer HHI and will take place in Berlin on 6-10 September 2021.

his summer school provides a set of tutorials, invited talks, and panels delivered by the key experts from academia and industry to address the current challenges maximizing the benefits of AI and ML while considered for optical networks and to discuss the benefits that photonics can bring to AI acceleration tasks.

The event is structured in five days: the first three days focus on the use-cases of AI/ML for optical networks, the fourth day focuses on photonics for AI acceleration, and the fifth day hosts a hackathon covering a few AI/ML tasks for autonomous and zero-touch optical transmission and networking.

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