Management Structure

WON Joining Governing Structure

WON  structure comprises of four main bodies, all of which include representatives of beneficiaries and partner organisations to provide joint governance of the project:

Supervisory Board (SB)

Training and Research Committee (TRC)

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

IP Advisory Board (IPAB)

Industrial Advisory Board

  • The WON IAB is coordinated by Dr. Antonio Napoli (Technical Coordinator)  and includes one member from each industrial partner, as well as some external industrial advisors.
  • The IAB provides consulting and guidance on commercialisation and knowledge transfer and oversees both the training and technical aspects of WON thus ensuring high commercial relevance of the WON results.

IAB Members

Antonio Napoli
Technical Coordinator, Infinera Germany
Andre Richter
Head of VPIphotonics
Andreas Steffan
Manager at Finisar
Andrew Lord
Senior Manager of Optical Research at BT
Ian McClean
Senior Product Line Manager for II-VI Photonics
Joao Pedro
Manager, Infinera Portugal
Senior Research Engineer at Orange Labs
Emilio Riccardi
Senior Researcher in Telecom Italia
Bera Pálsdóttir
Senior Manager, R&D at OFS