Training Overview

The WON training objectives are being achieved within the innovative, multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial training programme, which is delivered through the following mechanisms:

Training through research

14 Individual Research Projects

Individual training programme provides specific support towards each ESR in WON. The successful completion of the individual research projects  will lead to the award of PhD.

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Network-Wide Training Events

The WON Consortium is planing to organise network-wide workshops and interim activities linked to these workshops aiming at exploiting the inter/multi-disciplinary and inter-sectorial aspects of the WON project. Some of the events will be open to external researchers within the wider community. The following events are being planned in WON:

  • WON Workshops
  • Open-to-All Workshops (OTAW)
  • Transferable Skills Workshops (TSW)
  • Intensive Training Course and Mini-Symposium
  • Online Courses and Webinars
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Local Training Activities

ESR in WON have access to the local courses and training provided at their academic institutions. They are encouraged to interact with the local research groups at their hosts, which includes participation in research forums, national workshops, seminars and meetings.

Scientific training activities appropriate to the ESRs are also offered locally.  Seven beneficiaries in WON have strong post-graduate schools with programmes that cover training courses required for research projects.

Intensive Secondment Programme

In WON the secondment programme focuses on industrial and inter-sectorial placements for each ESR. It nurtures interactions between the ESRs and provides experience working with the industrial partners. Furthermore, it provides research mobility which is highly required for the success of collaborative projects, enables on-site training with various experts and gives opportunities for cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and cross-sectorial exchange.

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