In WON project we are keenly aware of the importance of not only producing and presenting research outputs for the scientific community, but also engaging the general public in line with the Horizon 2020 Dissemination and Communication objectives.

While the WON programme remains highly technical, the wider public still will find aspects of interest in this research. The fact that the research topics impact directly on the day-to-day lives of people gives the research a relevance that allows WON to capture the interest and inspire younger students with an interest in engineering and photonics technologies.

Outreach activitiesblogs and social media and other communications by WON researchers bring awareness to the public on the importance of photonics and motivate University students to pursue a research career.

Each ESR will be involved in at least one public engagement activity per year. These activities make the public aware of:

  1. Important role of photonics technologies and optical communications, in particular, the development of wideband optical networks.
  2. The important role of the Marie Skłodowksa-Curie Actions in forming 21st century engineers that will have the skills to face the  challenge of modernising the fundamental infrastructure that support our society.
Communication & Outreach in EC projects