In WON project we are keenly aware of the importance of not only producing and presenting research outputs for the scientific community, but also engaging the general public in line with the Horizon 2020 Dissemination and Communication objectives.

While the WON programme remains highly technical, the wider public still will find aspects of interest in this research. The fact that the research topics impact directly on the day-to-day lives of people gives the research a relevance that allows WON to capture the interest and inspire younger students with an interest in engineering and photonics technologies.

Outreach activitiesblogs and social media and other communications by WON researchers bring awareness to the public on the importance of photonics and motivate University students to pursue a research career.

Each ESR will be involved in at least one public engagement activity per year. These activities make the public aware of:

  1. Important role of photonics technologies and optical communications, in particular, the development of wideband optical networks.
  2. The important role of the Marie Skłodowksa-Curie Actions in forming 21st century engineers that will have the skills to face the  challenge of modernising the fundamental infrastructure that support our society.
Past Events

Optics demonstrations at the Birmingham Primary School, 14th Feb 2020

On 14th February 2020 Aleksandr Donodin together with the colleagues from the Aston Institute of Photonics Technologies such as EID FONTE organised an outreach activity in the Primary School in Birmingham (UK) during the School Careers Fair. They presented different demonstrations on light, optics and photonics  to the kids of the age of 10-11 and talked with them about engineering, physics and science.

“Think beyond Pink”, an event by the OSA Chapter in Torino 11th February 2020

ETN WON ESRs from Politecnico di Torino – Elliot London, Rasoul Sadeghi Yamchi and Bruno Vinícius de Araujo Correia participated in the event “Think Beyond Pink” organized by the OSA Chapter Torino sponsored by the Optical Society (OSA) to celebrate the International Day of Women in Science. The aim of the event was to promote the presence of women in engineering and science and to encourage the new generations to break gender barriers.

Outreach to Industry: PHOTONEX EUROPE 2019 October 2019

ESR Aleksandr Donodin from Aston University has reached out to industry as a part of the team representing the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies at the Photonex Europe 2019 exhibition event in Coventry, UK. PHOTONEX is the UK’s premier event dedicated to photonics, imaging, lasers, optical technologies from pure research to development of bespoke advanced user solutions. This event attracts researchers and engineers whether in industry or academia.

Upcoming Events

Within the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, ASTUTE plan a one-day exposition of technologies that will contribute to future smart city life, from autonomous robots and self-driving cars to the latest ideas in sustainable living. A mixture of demonstrations, hands-on workshops and public lectures will be presented by research engineers in such fields as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine vision, transport, logistics, energy, sustainability and telecommunications. An important component will be the consideration of how such technologies can impact on society, both positively and negatively. Whilst the event will be open to all, the primary audience is school age children, who are the ones who will have to live in the city of tomorrow. Critically, we will specifically target those wards in Birmingham where over 50% of children are growing up in poverty, where there is the most risk of a growing “digital divide” between those who can benefit from future connected technologies and those who though poverty or lack of education, are being left behind. Predominantly the event will feature  research from Aston University but we already have significant interest in participation from external bodies such as Transport for West Midlands, Birmingham City Council, Arup and Highways England.

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