Additional PhD courses

5 weeks, 6 hours/week (January – February 2021)

Location, date
  • Date: January-February 2021
  • Provided by: Politecnico di Torino
  • Format: Teleconference
  • Participants: ESRs from WON


This PhD course aims to introduce students to the optical networking below layer-3, focusing on state-of-the art WDM optical transport exploiting coherent optical technologies. The application of WDM optical transport in different transparent networking scenarios is first addressed. Then, transparent lightpath propagation is analyzed to present different solutions for the abstraction of data transport following a software-defined approach. Optical-transport-aware network control and management is addressed, including AI-assisted solutions.

Main topics:

  • Overview on optical transport networks: Data Centre Interconnect, metro and extended metro, backbone, submarine
  • WDM optical transport in transparent networks exploiting coherent optical technologies
  •  Mathematical models for linear and nonlinear impairments to abstract optical transport through a quality-of-transmission estimator:  different approaches for different scenarios
  • Software-defined optical networking for planning, control and management: close&aggregated vs. open&disaggregated approaches
  • AI-assisted self-cognitive line control
  • AI-assisted software-defined optical-transport-aware network planning and management

Exam: discussion of assignments developed as team works and based on Python software applying the presented concepts.

Prof. Vittorio Curri
Prof. Andrea Carena