WON papers accepted at ECOC 2020

We are pleased to inform that three WON papers have been accepted for oral presentation at  ECOC 2020, the biggest conference in optics in photonics.

ECOC is the largest conference on optical communication in Europe, and one of the most respected and long-standing events of its kind in the world. ECOC 2020, from 6th – 10th December 2020, will be the 46th edition, which indicates the stability and the attractiveness of this conference as one of the world’s major events in the field, providing a prime forum for new developments and results in optical communication techniques and networks. In 2020 ECOC is still hosted in Belgium… but 100% virtual.

Paper 1:

S-, C- and L-Band Photonic Integrated Wavelength Selective Switch
Authors: Rafael Kraemer, Nakamura , H. Tsuda, Antonio Napoli, PhD, Calabretta
Abstract: A photonic integrated WSS operating on the S-, C- and L-Band is presented with an average extinction-ratio of -20.40 dB. Crosstalk levels were kept below -20 dB for all bands and experimental results on NRZ OOK data indicate error-free operation for up to 35 Gb/s.

Paper 2

An autonomous identification and pre-distortion scheme for cognitive transceivers using Bayesian Optimization
Authors: Matheus Sena, M. Sezer Erkilinc,Thomas Dippon, Behnam Shariati, Robert Emmerich, J. Fischer and Ronald Freund
AbstractWe propose a Bayesian optimization based DSP algorithm that autonomously tunes Volterra filter design and the parameters of digital pre-distortion schemes to enable transmitter optimal operation. We experimentally validate it for Volterra and memory polynomial filters in a 64 and 80 GBd DP-64QAM b2b setup.

Paper 3

Blind Radius Directed Equalizer with Likelihood-based Selection for Probabilistically Shaped and High Order QAM
Authors: Gabriele Di Rosa, André Richter
Abstract: A novel algorithm for equalization of high order and shaped M-QAM is proposed. The radius directed equalizer (RDE) is modified by introducing conditional filter update based on amplitude levels assignments’ likelihood. Convergence rate > 99% for up to 16 ps higher DGD compared to the traditional RDE is demonstrated.

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