Abdijtuinen 536 – Veldhoven, Netherlands

Contact Information


Mr. Rafael Kraemer

ESR in Eindhoven University of Technology

Researcher with strong background on optical communications. Main interests are photonic integrated circuits, reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexers, advanced modulation formats for optical communications and everything wideband related.

Early-Stage Researcher 10

Title: Novel wideband optical switches for wideband systems
Overview: The PhD will investigate and design novel disaggregated WDM optical cross-connect switch architectures using integrated and miniaturized devices each to deliver switching at various granularities such as wavelength and band while supporting the wideband operation. The aim is to explore ways to deliver a modular pay as you grow architecture where sub-systems can be added/ removed/switched-off or re-arranged to handle services and traffic demands.


  1. 2016

    Bachelor Degree

    University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering
  2. 2019

    Master Degree

    University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering

Professional Experience

  1. 2019
    Research Assistant
    NESC TEC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science