Pratim Hazarika’s presentation at Photon 2020

ETN WON researcher Pratim Hazarika from Aston University will present a talk at Photon 2o20 on 2nd September 2020.


To support ever-growing bandwidth demand, there is a need to utilize the unused spectral bands of optical networks. Existing WDM systems are amplified using EDFAs whose operating wavelength range is 1530-1610 nm [1]. Rare-earth doped fiber amplifiers can be used in certain bands according to their respective emission spectral properties [2]. In this paper, we propose a novel wideband Raman amplifier extending from 1400–1625 nm of the optical spectrum giving a bandwidth of 225 nm.

Multistage Raman amplification has shown promising gain and optimized noise figure where amplification of S, C and L bands was carried out in two stages separately [3]. We extend this methodology to the E band by introducing a third stage that covers the range of 1400-1450 nm. The gain spectrum is divided into two separate bands, one ranging over 1400-1450 nm and the other from 1460-1625 nm. We modeled a discrete Raman amplifier where all bands are amplified using an Inverse Dispersion Fibre with optimized pump wavelengths and powers. Simulations were carried out for the proposed configuration and an average net gain of 15 dB, noise figure 6 dB and gain ripple 3 dB was obtained.

We believe multi stage Raman amplifier design is a promising framework for wideband amplification with low noise figure and optimized gain. This novel approach enables ultra-wide amplification and could play a significant role in future optical communication systems.


[1]        J. Bromage, J. Light. Technol., 22 (2004) 79–93.

[2]        A. Napoli et al., Advanced Photonics Congress (2018) NeTu3E.1.

[3]        A. Iqbal et al., Proceedings of European Conference on Optical Communication 2019.

Title: Multi-stage Raman amplification for ultra-wideband optical fibre communication systems
Authors: Pratim HazarikaAston Institute of Photonic Technologies; Md Asif IqbalAston Institute of Photonic Technologies; Lukasz KrzczanowiczAston Institute of Photonic Technologies; Wladek ForysiakAston Institute of Photonic Technologies
Session: Photonic Communication Components and Systems – Default Location, 02/09/2020, 15:45 – 17:00
Time: 16:15 – 16:30


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