ESR Emadreza Soltanian sharing experience of studying abroad

18 April 2020 our ESR Emadreza Soltanian had an Instagram Live session with Mahyad Aghigh, a PhD student from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Emadreza  was given an opportunity to talk about his experience of being part of WON and completing a PhD programme in Gent University within the project.

Being a young interpreter and living in Canada, Mahyad Aghigh founded a startup called ApplyChance which is supported by the University of British Columbia. It is a very popular community among Iranian students and young researchers who are interested in pursuing an international academic career and getting experience of studying outside Iran. Around 11000 users are registered on the ApplyChance website and this number is rising fast. The ApplyChance Instagram page has currently more than 13000 followers .
Mahyad Aghigh interviews Iranian professors, postdoctoral researchers and students who have experienced international mobility that positively influenced their research and academic careers. Interviewees usually give advice on the process of applying on different research positions in Europe and worldwide, share the best practice on how to deal with the challenges of moving abroad, so that the audience could benefit from their advice and recommendations.
During the live session Emadreza was talking about his overall experience of studying and living abroad, in particular, how he applied for a MSCA position, the process of obtaining a visa/work permit,  his experience and insights of doing research in the EU funded project, rights and obligation he has as a MSCA fellows and etc.
The session was available for 24 hours on the ApplyChance Intagram page. Each season of interviews has about 10 episodes. Emadreza was the 4th guest of the 4th season and the full video of each episode will be available on ApplyPalNetwork youtube channel​ after the season ends.

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