First implemented secondment in WON

The first secondment in WON scheduled on month 10 of the project duration is implemented on time in accordance with the Grant Agreement.

Gabriele Di Rosa, ESR6 from VPIphotonics, is having a 2 months secondment visit  in the Aston Institute of Photonics Technologies at Aston University working on “Raman amplification schemes and interchannel Raman scattering effects in wideband transmission systems”.

During the visit Gabriele  interacting a lot with the WON ESRs at Aston – Pratim Hazarika and Aleksandr Donodin, as well as postdoctoral researchers Dr Md Asif Iqbal, Dr. Lukasz Krzczanowicz  and the WON Coordinator Prof. Wladek Forysiak who are mentoring and supervising Gabriele’s work.



Image Gallery: Aston University, Photonics Laboratories

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