WON Academics in Special Issue on Open Optical Networks.

Prof. Vittorio Curri and Dr. Antonio Napoli, leading academics in WON, act as guest editors in Journal of Optical Communications and Networking (JOCN) Special Issue on Open Optical Networks.

This special issue of JOCN, to be published in Q2 2020, is targeted at the latest proposals and results in open optical networks (OONs) including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Data transport abstraction through quality of transmission (QoT) estimation, including associated open data structures and open APIs
  • Modeling and simulation of open optical systems (may include the presence of legacy channels, non-data services, etc.)
  • OONs for data-center interconnect vs. metro networks vs. long-haul networks
  • Telemetry and failure recovery, including machine-learning-aided (ML-A) solutions for OONs
  • Routing and spectrum assignment for OONs, including ML-A solutions
  • Network planning tools for OONs
  • Physical-layer-aware network orchestration
  • Control and management of OONs, including the use of machine learning
  • Open software-defined networks, based on, for example, OpenConfig or Open ROADM specifications, and ONOS, ODL, TAPI or other SDN operating systems
  • Techno-economic analysis of OONs at network layers 0 and 1
  • Multi-vendor interoperability and OON demonstrations
  • Partially vs. totally disaggregated multivendor OON solutions

A Special Issue normally consists of a collection of original research papers, review articles and an introduction by the Guest Editors. High quality Special Issues are beneficial to a journal as they have the potential to increase usage and citations and to attract new authors and readers.

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