WON papers accepted at OFC 2022

We are happy to announce that eight WON papers have been accepted for presentation at OFC 2022 – the Optical Networking and Communication Conference  & Exhibition optical communications and networking professionals, which will be held in San Diego, CA, USA, 6-10 March 2022.

Paper 1

Title: Optimal Pay-As-You-Grow Deployment on S+C+L Multi-band Systems
Authors: André Souza; Rasoul Sadeghi; Bruno Correia; Nelson Costa; Antonio Napoli; Vittorio Curri; João Pedro; João Pires

Paper 2

Title: Raman Amplification for Simplified Channel Provisioning in Wide-Band Optical Networks
Authors: André Souza;Nelson Costa; João Pedro; João Pires

Paper 3

Title: Link Tomography for Amplifier Gain Profile Estimation and Failure Detection in C+L-band Open Line Systems
Authors: Matheus Sena; Robert Emmerich; Behnam Shariati; Johannes K. Fischer; Ronald Freund

Paper 4

Title: 50 Gbaud QPSK E-band Transmission Using Bismuth Doped Fiber Amplifiers
Authors: Aleksandr Donodin; Mingming Tan; Ian Phillips; Abdallah A. I. Ali; Pratim Hazarika; Mohammed Patel; Paul Harper; Vladislav Dvoyrin; Wladek Forysiak; Sergei Turitsyn

Paper 5

Title: 210 nm E, S, C and L Band Multistage Discrete Raman Amplifier
Authors: Pratim Hazarika; Mingming Tan; Aleksandr Donodin; Ian Phillips; Paul Harper; Ming-Jun Li and Wladek Forysiak

Paper 6

Title: Optimal Spectral Usage and Energy Efficient S-to-U Multiband Optical Networking
Authors: Rasoul Sadeghi; Bruno Correia; Emanuele Virgillito;  Antonio Napoli; Nelson Costa; João Pedro; and Vittorio Curri

Paper 7

Title: Integrated optical transmitter with micro-transfer-printed widely tunable III-V-on-Si laser
Authors: Jing Zhang; Emadreza Soltanian; Bahawal Haq; Stefan Ertl; Johanna Rimbock; Bozena Matuskova; Emanuele Pelucchi; Agnieszka Gocalinska; Joris Van Campenhout; Guy Lepage; Peter Verheyen; Wim Bogaerts; Gunther Roelkens

Paper 8

Title: Transport Network Upgrade exploiting Multi-Band Systems: S- versus E-band
Authors: Nicola Sambo; Bruno V. Araujo Correia; Antonio Napoli; João Pedro; Piero Castoldi; Vittorio Curri


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