Aston University, B4 7ET Birmingham, UK

Contact Information


Dr.Wladek Forysiak

WON Coordinator

Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AiPT), Aston University

Prof W. Forysiak is a EPSRC Manufacturing Fellow, with experience of academic research (Heriot-Watt, Aston, Arizona), industry (Marconi, Ericsson, and Oclaro) and technology transfer (Solstis, Royal Society Industry Fellow). His background is in the numerical modelling of nonlinear photonics and high speed optical fibre communication systems, and his present research interests include high speed transceivers for metro networks and wideband discrete Raman amplifiers. His research interests include high speed, optical fibre communication systems, optical devices and sub-systems, and enabling technologies for future, extreme ultra-wideband optical networks.  He is a current EPSRC Manufacturing Fellow, and a former Royal Society Industry Fellow.


Since returning to Aston he developed new courses for our Applied Physics degree in (i) Electromagnetism and (ii) Mathematical Methods II (aka Computational Physics).

Professional Experience

  1. 1989-1992
    Research Associate
    Heriot-Watt University
  2. 1992-1995
    Research Fellow
    Aston University
  3. 1995-1996
    Visiting Researcher
    University of Arizona
  4. 1996-2001
    Lecturer then Reader in Electronic Engineering
    Aston University
  5. 2000-2003
    Development Director
    Marconi Solstis
  6. 2003-2010
    Photonics Modelling Manager
    Marconi / Ericsson
  7. 2010-2014
    Director Technology and Systems
  8. 2014-present
    Professor in Applied Physics
    Aston University